We're still working on our space and ironing out the details but, in the meantime, here are some answers to the most likely questions you'll probably have.

What type of business is right for Linc Space?

If you run any type of professional services business, software or biotech start-up based in NI, or you need a close to Belfast-based remote office space (and your main business is overseas), we'll be pretty ideal for you. If your business requires the use of machinery we're probably not right for you (with the obvious exception of things like 3D printers and small laser cutters).  Co-working spaces are perfect for many types of business. But please contact us and have a chat if you're in any doubt.

What if I'm anti-social?

We recognise that sometimes you'll want to work and sometimes you'll want to chat. Sometimes you'll want a quiet time, sometimes you won't. Co-working spaces can be community spaces or working spaces or both. It's up to you to decide what you want to do. We'll have desks that allow for private quiet work, meeting rooms where you can work less formally, and communal spaces where you can chat. It's your call. If you want to rent your own lockable room for your own team that's possible too.  We can also rent you our boardroom for group sessions and meetings.

How much?

To rent a hot desk you'll pay a monthly fee.  We've yet to work out what this be will be (probably around £150 a month) but it will include everything...rates, super-fast broadband, heating, electricity, coffee, tea and chilled water.  Plus the inspiration that comes from a gorgeous working environment and fellow traveller camaraderie.  If you want more than one desk the cost per desk will go down. And if you've a wee team that you need to house we can chat about giving you your own lockable office.

How Long?

We will bill you per month and you just need to give us a month's notice if you want to go spread your wings and leave us (with our good wishes and sadness). When you join us you'll sign a simple set of terms and conditions written in easy English.

What about Meeting Rooms?

Yes we'll have 'em - a fabulous Boardroom Conservatory with a monster wall-mounted display screen with seating for up to 20 (theatre) or boardroom style (for 12).  We'll also have snug and cosy rooms around the building where you can grab thinking time or canoodle with fellow Lincspaceians.  Plus just wait to you see our coffee 'shop' area and kitchen where the coffee is free and the urban chic is unlimited.