We're still working on our space and ironing out the details but, in the meantime, here are some answers to the most likely questions you'll probably have.

What type of business is right for Lincspace?

We're interested in businesses, primarily, that are seeking to solve business or social problems with blockchain. So if you've an idea for a blockchain based end-to-end securities exchange, or a new voting system, or a smart contracts platform - we'd love to know.

What stage should I be at?

Blockchain is an emerging category of internet business. No-one knows how the tech will unfold. So we especially want to connect with early stage firms that need initial seed or mentoring or both. We can't offer all the answers but what we hope to offer is a place to do business and support for early stage financing.

How much?

We're still ironing out the details but what we want to do is provide a collaborative physical space for our companies as well as some mentoring and support. We have no premises as yet and we don't know the fee structures for businesses. But watch this space. Things will become clearer in the coming few months. But don't let this stop you contacting us.

What will the business model be?

The likelihood is that we'll provide advice and financing support in return for tokens and/or equity. We may also charge you for the use of our physical space and business services. But this all remains to be seen. Sorry for being vague but things are really not pinned down yet.

Where will Lincspace be located?

The nature of blockchain based technology is that excellent companies emerge from all across the globe. But our focus will be on UK companies. As to where our physical location will be remains to be seen - but we're looking at Belfast, Northern Ireland, given its relatively low cost base and strong blockchain/FinTech cluster.