Lincspace and Blockchain

Lincspace is a new information centre about blockchain, blockchain startups and the blockchain economy.

Blockchain is the underlying technology behind bitcoin. It offers great potential for enterprise and government. The opportunities for blockchain in financial services are especially lucrative. Some market analysts have suggested that blockchain is likely to disrupt the financial services market - especially investment banking.

Lincspace will become a portal and information resource about the technology, blockchain businesses that show promise, and the social challenges that blockchain might overcome.

We will also explore alternative investment and mentoring approaches for blockchain businesses - including token-based investment strategies and ICOs.

Lincspace is a Quadriga Consulting initiative. We're at the early stages of creating it. If you'd like to help us, you might like to donate so that we can create content.

Next Steps...

We're still thinking about premises and how we'll structure ourselves so we won't be ready until 2018. But if you'd like to make enquiries or see work in progress, please call +44 (0)2892 668389